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One health benefit of t'aichi and qi gong

I'm passing along a well-researched newsletter, published every few months by one of my former teachers,  Dr. Yang. He is a true scholar of the research that is being conducted on the effects and benefits of taiji and qi gong.   Indeed he holds a Ph.D in kinesiology and has become versed in how and why t'aichi works to improve our overall health and sense of well being.  And he drilled us in "Santi" floor work.  So if you ever wonder why you're standing and practicing santi over and over,  fretting over your foot placement,  you have Dr. Yang to thank! The current newsletter includes a particularly interesting  study on the effect of t'aiji on the condition known as COPD,  a lung impairment, which causes intense difficulty breathing. Passing it along for your information.                           best wishes, Susan