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SOMOS_a health fair where Qi Gong was on the menu

I was honored to be invited to present examples of Qi Gong to an audience of New York City's Hispanic and Chinese-American communities.    It was sponsored by the non-profit SOMOS , an interesting forward thinking collective of MDs seeking to improve healthy life style and outcomes for the poorer residents of our community.     At the end of a scrumptious vegan lunch,  I took the floor and invited everyone to stand up next to their tables  and learn the basic posture, and more.  I was surprised that the most avid participants was a sizable group of children! They caught on like lightening,  unlocking their joints as instructed and grasping my exhortations to ,  experience the contrasting yin and yang in their bodies.    And of course a few adults dared to stand up and try it too.