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Chen Village

the sole reason I'm posting this YouTube video, is for the literally practiced carrying the 🏀 ball -- in couples!   An actual ball, held with what looks like very light pressure.   It is so intriguing and looks like fun, doesn't it?  You'll find it about two minutes into the video, which is a short documentary about Chen Villsge, where children are taught tai chi from age 5,  and  almost all sentient adults practice it too.  In other words, just about the entire village practices t'ai chi.  Wow.  I would love to spend some time there,   With all the tradition,  those little ritual fires, all the  exercise, and then I'm curious -- does it change people?  Are they, you know, better human beings?

Anyway.   I thought we could try this duo-carrying-the-ball exercise when we're back in the studio,  don't forget, the week after this coming one.   This week, WEATHER PERMITTING, we'll meet in the park.

BTW, re the form you're seeing in this film --   It's the Chen form, which has evolved into something SO different to what we do.  I've studied the Chen form a bit, and enjoy the rapid fire kicks, punches and twirls,  but it's not like the tai chi I know and "grew up with."   I'll be curious to see what you think.




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Standing with head gently erect, eyes straight ahead.  Why is it so hard?   
Wherever you take a t’ai chi class,  from whichever teacher in whatever town or village in the world, you will hear at some point,  imagine a long thread,  stretching from the crown of your head, to the sky.    it’s almost always something I say at the beginning of each class (after all the other postural instructions, starting from the feet).     
it’s quite an image,  though,  your crown attached umbilically to the heavens,  and we may struggle a bit trying to visualize it, let alone to enact, and then to stay like this throughout the one hour class!   Don’t feel discouraged.  Almost no-one can manage it.  I tell my class that it’s probably the hardest part of the pose and the form — keeping your eyes focused ahead, your head relaxed on the stem of your neck.   
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I'll also post my weekly class schedule, for students of mine, in and around Brooklyn.

Winter classes this month

 The week of January 22, 2018
Class will be held Friday, Jan 26 at BAX, 421 5th Ave in Brooklyn

The week of Jan 29
Class will be held Thursday, Feb 1 at 11:15
Spoke the Hub 

Feb 8 at 11:15 at Spoke the Hub
Tea with Ting -- yay! -- will be served at 11 am.  Come for a cup of perfectly brewed tea, which I guarantee will warm and relax

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