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Maiden Post

Hello everyone,   this is my maiden post for this new blog.  What's it supposed to be or do?   I hope that we engage on some of the applied lessons of t'ai chi -- find examples and stories from our daily lives where t'ai chi can come in handy.  I will try to catch them in my web-mind to save for posting, or keep my ears peeled for others' stories and welcome you to do the same.

I'll also post my weekly class schedule, for students of mine, in and around Brooklyn.

Winter classes this month

 The week of January 22, 2018
Class will be held Friday, Jan 26 at BAX, 421 5th Ave in Brooklyn

The week of Jan 29
Class will be held Thursday, Feb 1 at 11:15
Spoke the Hub 

Feb 8 at 11:15 at Spoke the Hub
Tea with Ting -- yay! -- will be served at 11 am.  Come for a cup of perfectly brewed tea, which I guarantee will warm and relax

Feb 15 at 11:15 at Spoke TH
We're waiting for confirmation from Ting about tea.  Stay tuned!
Word in -- tea will be served!  Come at 11 for tea and some sl…